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It is no secret that large South African companies have been leveraging IP based telecoms to help reduce high communications costs. TS Voip offers an extensive set of unified communication features in easy-to-manage on premise IP PBXs or Cloud Solutions with no licensing fees.


Video Conferencing

For far too long the exorbitant costs of enterprise grade video conference system prohibited it use by small and medium business. TS introduces a ground-breaking solution that offers businesses a revolutionary video conferencing system with unprecedented flexibility and the power of support for multiple popular video conferencing protocols and platforms right out of the box.



Wireless networks are becoming faster, more affordable and easier to adopt than ever. Growing small businesses that have adopted a wireless solution are already reporting immediate paybacks in higher productivity, flexible application mobility and greater worker satisfaction



A recent survey by hotels.com revealed that hotel guests would rather have free guest WiFi than a free breakfast. The mobile device boom has influenced this massively, meaning that free WiFi is now considered an absolute necessity for business travelers and for a large percentage of leisure tourists too.



Nowadays, small business is actually big business; a single PC can now contain gigabytes of mission-critical information. Even the smallest Home Office operations most likely have high-speed Internet. While all of this new computing and networking firepower brings great benefits to one’s business, it can also bring great disasters if proper care isn’t taken from the very beginning when one’s computer network is first established.

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The Smart Internet Service!

Imagine your business without an Internet connection. Customers depend on getting service from you online or via your IP phone system. Employees need to communicate and collaborate, and are often doing that online (even when they are located in the same office!). The Internet is fast becoming one of the top sales and marketing channels for small businesses. A lot is at stake with your business, if your Internet is slow or unreliable. Depending on where your business is located you may have many choices or few choices. Whatever your situation TS Connect can help you choose the correct service.

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Featured Service

The Technology - Savvy Guest

­ Hotel guests at large ­have become increasingly dependent on technology ­ and more demanding in terms of in­-room technology support. This is particularly true for the business traveler whose laptop computer often serves as a mobile office. Technology ­driven entertainment options for guests also will require investments in the future.

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Why Choose Us? We provide you with the best most cost effective IT solutions partnering with TS is like having your very own in-house IT department.

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Regardless of the time, we assist you with any technical glitch ensuring that your productivity is not compromised.

Award Winning Products

We have assembled award winning products from manufacturers who have made a mark in the industry for innovation and reliability.

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As an existing client, you get a free call out which is an industry first as well as our fixed rate for repairs and troubleshooting. Our clients get a fixed cost no nasty per hour rates.

Team of Experts

There is no need for you to worry we help you design your business network with performance and within budgets. I our tech and business partners hold industry leading certifications for the products we install.

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About TS

Telecom Solutions has been a leading supplier of legacy PABX since 1997. TS has since evolved into a focused VoIP, WiFi and IP Video solutions provider for small to medium companies. TS has assembled a highly skilled team consisting of CCNA, MCSE & SIP certified IT professionals.

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