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We have been in the Telecommunications industry for more than 18 years.

Who Are We


18 years ago we were a legacy Samsung PABX systems dealer, Today TS is an evolved ITC provider. Focused on bringing enterprise grade networks to small and medium business all within a reasonable budget combined with superior performance and the best technology.

Voice, Video conferencing and Data Solutions from part of TS core services to growing business. We help small and medium business design and install a high performance network that is future proof and converged for optimal cost savings and productivity.

  • Simple pricing model! No licensing
  • User-friendly, easy to learn solutions
  • Simple IT design approach
  • Certifications and Training

      VVoiP (UK) certification, US telecoms approved

      MikroTik Certified Network Associate (MTCNA)  

      Molex Premise Networks (MPN) Certified Installer

      Asterisk communications applications trained

      FAR South Networks certified

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    Our Services


    Video Conferencing




    To be a leading telecom service provider in South Africa.

    To be a one stop telecom service provider

    TS business practice is based on high values and world class customer service.

    • Accountability
    • Transparency
    • Simplicity

    How We Do Business

    What We Do?

    Ts specializes in converged network design and installation. We are a certified Molex network installer what does this mean it means we can install your network from the ground up. ensuring that the standards set down by TIA and IEEE are maintained and adhered to.Our work is of the highest quality and there are no shortcuts.We build your network using a 3 layer architecture starting with : 'CORE" "DISTRIBUTION" and "ACCESS

    1. Core Layer

    The core layer is responsible for fast and reliable transportation of data across a network. The core layer is often known as the backbone or foundation network because all other layers rely upon it. Its purpose is to reduce the latency time in the delivery of packets.

    2. Distribution Layer

    The distribution layer is responsible for routing. It also provides policy-based network connectivity, including:Routing , firewalls, QOS. It is at this layer where you begin to exert control over network transmissions, including what comes in and what goes out of the network. Control and manage your company's bandwidth & restrict downloads are juts some examples.

    3. Access Layer

    This is the part of the network that your users see and interact with. The end users do not see or appreciate the power of your collapsed core distribution layer, the elegance of your addressing plans, or the genius of your end to end network design. Your more technical users may be able to identify an RJ-45 port or WLAN access point if asked, but most users simply expect the network to be there.

    •   12 Trudor Office, 5th Avenue,
           Randburg, Craighall Park
    •   7 Equinox drive, Gateway,
           Durban, 4321
    •   +27 -83 - 326 - 6524
    • kayc@telecomsolutions.co.za

    About TS

    Telecom Solutions has been a leading supplier of legacy PABX since 1997. TS has since evolved into a focused VoIP, WiFi and IP Video solutions provider for small to medium companies. TS has assembled a highly skilled team consisting of CCNA, MCSE & SIP certified IT professionals.

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