Fix Your Business WiFi

WIFi – hotpsots In today’s technological world you’re judged on the quality of your Wi-Fi. In hotels, this can be doubly true—they're establishments frequently dealing with business people whose online needs are often essential, travelers unwinding or simply connecting with friends and family back home. Nothing is more frustrating to hotel guests than battling with an irregular Wi-Fi connection. In fact, in a lot of cases causes bad customer experiences and reviews.

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Four Reasons To Choose WiFi

Global Accessibility

  • Allows users to stay connected
  • Supported by multiple devices
  • WiFi technology has a global standard

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Ease of Communication

  • Convenient
  • Maintain a consistent flow of communication
  • Allows employees to stay connected on a constant basis
  • WiFi promotes productivity

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Cost Effective

  • Wireless network hardware is reasonable compared to wired cables that are difficult to install and manage
  • Quickly install the technology anywhere in the facility
  • Build a secure network that can support employees
  • Easy to expand

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  • Offer internet access service
  • offer yours guests and visitors connectivity throughout premises
  • Increase your visitors by offering free access, paid or both
  • Provide a valuable serivce to your customers

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About TS

Telecom Solutions has been a leading supplier of legacy PABX since 1997. TS has since evolved into a focused VoIP, WiFi and IP Video solutions provider for small to medium companies. TS has assembled a highly skilled team consisting of CCNA, MCSE & SIP certified IT professionals.

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